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January 7, 2020

What a long, strange decade it’s been. If you’re in HR, you know there isn’t much that hasn’t changed in the last ten years. Between the explosion of HR technology to the emergence of people analytics, the profession has come a long way from compliance and risk management. Just look at the job titles: the 2010s gave us Chief People Officers, Heads of Culture, and even People Scientists.

So what’s in store for HR this year? From workplace flexibility to gig economy headaches, here are a few issues that could take center stage in 2020.

1. Flexibility goes mainstream.

无论是拥抱遥控工作还是扩大付费休假,公司都在提供更大的灵活性方面走得很长。但是,96%的工人报告了有价值的灵活性,less than half实际上有它。


Samuel Johns恢复天才的人力资必威app手机下载版源经理,去年实施了新的“工作填充”政策。“灵活的开始和结束时间让员工适合生活事件,例如移动或拥有新的家具。我们发现它急剧提高了士气,“约翰说。


In addition to policies like these, it’s likely that companies will continue to broaden the ways they accommodate workers — like shortening the hours of those coming off leave.

Brandnic的人力资源经理John必威app手机下载版 Steeve帮助实施了这样的政策。“它被广泛赞赏,特别是在患有疾病或患有孩子之后的员工之间的员工。他说,它赋予他们在他们的工作与生活中任何重大事件之间的平衡。“Steeve部分归功于该公司的低营业额归功于该政策。


That employers need to double their efforts around pay equity shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Women earn an average of80美分每美元赚取的每一美元。在将拉丁或黑人女性与白人比较时,工资差距甚至更大。

Though discussion around the pay gap will continue in 2020, it’ll include two other important issues: representation and ownership.

虽然公司的性别比例可能是一对一的,但在每一层工作层面都是如此?One reportfound that companies with an even split of men and women in the highest pay grades were more likely to have greater equity overall. Conversely, companies with the worst pay equity had over-representation of women and minorities in low-paying roles.

The importance of representation across different pay grades isn’t news to Julie Li, the VP of People at Stella Connect. Li believes companies should take a more nuanced look at gender and ethnicity in 2020.

“Having a diverse workforce isn’t about checking a box, it’s about bringing diverse perspectives and personalities together to bring innovative ideas to your company. Companies should look at their data by office, department, and team to locate gaps,” said Li.


3. Companies double down on internal mobility and development.

企业和员工长期以来同样的d career growth as vertical. That’s why it’s common to refer to employee development in terms of a ladder.

But workers are increasingly diverting from those expectations. Instead of linear tracks, they’re opting for new roles and experiences across the professional spectrum. In practice, that means client-service professionals transitioning into product management — or HR managers giving marketing a try. This year will be less about career ladders, more about职业格子


事实证明雇主可能只是在船上:结束90%of hiring managers believed that soft skills like creativity, persuasion, and collaboration were equally or more important as technical or specialized skills.

对于Charlie Marchant,宁静宁静的总经理,跨部必威app手机下载版门流动并不意味着妥协技能。他的公司每月为员工提供一定的时间,专注于职业发展。


In some cases, employees might be interested in a role or function that doesn’t exist at the company. Rather than risk losing a high performer, Marchant says it’s sometimes worthwhile to let them run with it.



As much as40%美国劳动力包括偶然或“演出”工人。这是一个相对较新的现象,如over two-thirdsof today’s gig workers started freelancing within the last five years.

今年,演出经济将受到前所未有的审查。加州最近颁布了Assembly Bill 5把更严格的限制放在谁可以被视为自由职业者。它降低了50多个专业的员工状态的酒吧并刺激了有些公司to lay off writers, photographers, and consultants. A similar measure is being considered in New York State.



Some companies have already heeded the call. SimplrFlex, a customer service platform, offers its contractors or “Experts” professional development opportunities, company swag, and even health and retirement benefits through a third-party vendor. Its contractors are also welcome to participate in company outings and an annual Halloween costume contest.

“我们相信像团队的一部分一样对待我们的专家......这继续偿还,我们也认为这反映在他们为客户提供的服务中,”公司的总经理Adam Grace说。必威体育app下载必威app手机下载版



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